Propane Delivery

Propane Gas Delivery to Your Home or Business

You can count on Dodge Energy for prompt delivery of propane. You can work with Dodge Energy to be sure you never run out of propane. If you work with us to answer some questions we can forecast when you will need your fuel delivery based on a degree day system, your average usage each season, as well as weather conditions. This will make your life easier when we set up automatic deliveries and prevent you from running out of fuel.

The home owner or renter is responsible for monitoring the property’s heating system to avoid any potential damage due to a loss of heat. It is also up to the owner or renter to provide safe access to the fill pipe/tank and the heating system.

Should there be any changes to your household please be sure to contact us. Changes such as additional living space, or household members, installation of supplemental heat such as a pellet stove or burning wood can cause inconsistencies in your delivery history and impact the automatic delivery calculations.

Call or email Dodge Oil today to set up your automatic delivery of oil or propane. Feel free to call or email us with any questions.

Dodge Energy Propane Tank ready for deliveries

We provide 24-hour emergency service to our customers should a problem arise.

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